Evolution of Office Space


The office space landscape continues to evolve as tenants raise the bar on design, efficiency, and technology requirements.

What will the office of the future look like? Probably a lot less like an office... The evolving workspace has come to integrate much of what used to be separate. As the line between work and life continues to become more seamless, so has the space in which we work and live in. Office design is morphing into a mixed environment where business and lifestyle are being fused into one dynamic space, as best portrayed by WeWork/WeLive. Thoughtful layout and quality design have become increasingly important, as done are the days of stringently defined chopped up workspaces. Flexible open workspace that quickly adapts to tenants and can accommodate a multitude of different activities allows for increased efficiency.

Furthermore, flexibility in the use of space allows tenants to future proof their layouts as they operate and grow in todays quickly changing business environment. As more tenants shift towards operating in a curated office space in hopes of increasing productivity, the push for deep technological integration is only going to increase. Incorporating technology into office design and office furniture will allow for increased communication and collaboration. All of these changes in what is becoming the new office space norm is forcing office developers and landlords to shift their focus to not just providing tenants a great location to conduct business, but instead a flexible environment that lays the groundwork for a company’s success. Those landlords who provide tenants a tailored office space with quality design, efficiency, and technology will likely succeed. 

Taylor Scott Champagne

The Champagne Organization, Thousand Oaks, CA, 91359